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krickeleien a demandé: Wow! I love what you are doing with Paper. Your notices concerning biochemistry are so artistic. May I ask: For how long do you use Pencil now and do you have any idea when they will bring it to Europe?



Thanks for your encouraging words, much appreciated! Being able to illustrate biochemistry really helped me remember a lot of content :).

I have been using pencil since their beta program which was about 4 months ago, I was lucky enough to be one of their beta testers!

I have no idea when it will come to Europe; 53 is a small start-up company so I’m guessing the logistics of international shipping and trade is probably quiet a hurdle…and the fact that they machine the the body of Pencil out of entire blocks of aluminum and walnut makes it pretty hard to mass produce to meet international demands… but those are just my guesses. :P

Don’t worry I am sure they are trying their best to deliver this beautiful product to you guys in Europe ASAP!